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Global Art Singapore is a renowned art school with 24 centres around the island. Global Art is a recipient of the Promising SME 500 2013 award. We, Global Art at Hougang believe in bringing out the untapped creative talent in children.

We provide a systematic approach to unlocking their potential by gradually instilling visualization, comprehension and experimentation with the subjects, background, colours and overall composition of completed artwork. In the course of doing so, we progressively teach children the following core concepts in art depending on their level of mastery.

We currently offer three programmes - Visual Arts, Acrylic Painting and Cartoon Drawing

Our programmes are catered to children of age 4 and above. Should you sign up for our programme, your child might be assessed to determine which level would be best suited for your child.

Promising SME 500 2013
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Visual Arts





Additional Programmes

Acrylic Painting

Cartoon Drawing

Art History

Global Art Updates

2019 In-house Art Competition

Img_1965_original 2019-07-16: This year we held our competition in Orchid Country Club.

Facebook Art Competition

20190405151157_00001_original 2019-04-30: Our 2019 FaceBook Art Competition is back.

Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun In-House Competition

Dsc_4830_original 2018-07-01: Our annual Global Art In-house Competition was held on 1st July 2018, with a total number of 127 registered participants from Global Art Hougang, Bedok and Yishun. Every Child was given the opportunity to express their artistic talent by creating their own beautiful master pieces through drawing and colouring, all in a short time span and without any guidance. The outcomes were all spectacular! We believe all participants have gained an invaluable experience and a boost of their self esteem.

2017 Singapore National Colouring Competition

Inhouse-competition_kampungsenang_original 2017-08-06: The Singapore National Colouring Competition cum In-House Competition will be held on 6 Aug 2017 in Hougang Mall. Do join the competition.

2017 Singapore National Colouring Competition

Inhouse-competition_kampungsenang_original 2017-08-06: The Singapore National Colouring Competition cum In-House Competition will be held on 6 Aug 2017 in Hougang Mall. Do join the competition.

Relocation to Bedok Point

2358_original 2017-08-01: Our Bedok CC Branch will be relocated to Bedok Point.

Visit to Global Art Taman Equine Park

287_original 2017-06-22: Our Director Principal Mr Lam made a study tour to Global Art Malaysia. Here is a photo with Global Art Taman Equine Park with Principal Ms Connie.

2017 Chinese New Year Competition

Marissa_seow_12_ysn_c_original 2017-04-01: Bedok, Hougang and Yishun held a combined Chinese New Year competition with 16 winners for Judges' favourities and 16 winners for most popular award. Here is the work by one of the winners Marissa Seow, Age 12.

Chingay 2017

Chingay_22_original 2017-02-19: Our teachers and students participated in making banners for Chingay 2017.

Global Art International Competition

252_original 2016-12-04: Our students took part in 2016 Global Art International Competition held in Guangzhou. This is the winning entry of Goh Min Xuan.

National Art Competition

322_original 2016-09-25: Students from our 3 branches did exceptionally well in the Global Art National Art Competition. We have a Champion, 2 first runner-ups, 1 second runner-up, 9 third runner-ups, 83% of our participants got fifth runner-up or better. 100% got at least best performance. Photo: Group A Champion Tricia Tan

Lam Learning Hub Blog

2014_dec_competition_group_picture_original 2014-12-20: We have created a blog and the topics discussed include: - 2014 Awarding Ceremony - Some useful Exam Tips for Maths - What is your thinking style? Inchworm or Grasshopper? - What is the value of competition? - Teachers' Day - Primary School Mathematics - The 4 Ps - Passion, Persistence, Patience and perseverance are the Keys to Success Visit our blog at

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The timeslots below are applicable to all programmes unless otherwise stated.

Our Visual Arts programme is a progressive course in drawing and colouring. The programme is split up into four levels - Foundation, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Each level is structured to teach a set of skills, which are listed below.

Every child that joins us will be assessed on his/her level of competency in drawing and colouring, so that he/she may be placed in the appropriate level.


  • Orientation
  • Cut-and-paste
  • Colour knowledge
  • Outlining
  • Handling of materials


  • Basic composition
  • Using references
  • Colouring through shades
  • Strokes
  • Tone direction


  • Textual expression
  • Themes
  • Expressiveness
  • Idea manipulation
  • Colour through shadow


  • Poster design
  • Principles of art/design
  • Pencil Shading
  • Wet media
  • Advanced colour management

Unleash your child's creativity into the world of acrylic painting! Through our Acrylic Painting course, your child will explore & learn the versatility of painting with a variety of brush strokes. Your child can expect to learn the following skills.

Learn Acrylic Painting

  • Transfer drawings onto canvas
  • Grid drawing technique
  • Basic colour knowledge
  • Coating & acrylic painting technique
Global Art Acrylic Painting

Drawing and colouring is not all there is to art. Have your child use his/her artistic talent in an editorial style. Improve your child's drawing and story-telling abilities in our fun & innovative Cartoon Drawing lessons. Your child can expect to learn the following skills.

Cartoons and Comics

  • Create characters and expressions
  • Action, movement and effects
  • Develop cartoon/comic strips
  • Shadows and colouring
Global Art Acrylic Painting

Art History is not a standalone programme, but is integrated into our curriculum for each of our courses. Around half an hour will be set aside every month to expose your child to various forms of art, allowing your child to know that there is a whole wide world outside of just drawing and colouring!

Art History

  • Forms of art
  • Principles of Design
  • Renowned artists and their works
  • Art Periods - Timeline and characteristics

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