At Little Professors and Global Art Hougang, we take pride in our ideas. We do our very best to provide a variety of enriching activities for your child to grow holistically. Our holiday programmes go out of the syllabus and expose our students to a multitude of disciplines like international culture, interesting Science, a mix of art and writing, and more!

Do take a look at some of our interesting activities below!

Ideas, our forte

2019 In-house Art Competition

2019-07-16: Our In-house Art Competition is held on 7 Jul 2019 at Orchid Country Club.

2019 In-house Art Competition

2019-07-16: Our In-house Art Competition is held on 7 Jul 2019 at Orchid Country Club.

2019 June School Holiday Excursion

2019-06-30: Role playing in Kidzania.

2019 June School Holiday Excursion

2019-06-30: Students having a good time in River Safari.

2019 June School Holiday Excursion

2019-06-30: Our little chefs

2019 Facebook Competition

2019-04-16: Students from Global Art Hougang, Bedok, Yishun too part in the annual Facebook Competition.

Goal Setting by 2 scholars

  • As the economy becomes ever more competitive, we are constantly told that it is important for our children to set their goals while they are studying. This is intended to help the students prioritise and effectively work towards the goals they have set. The question then becomes, “How should they decide on their goals?” There are no exact steps to deciding on our children’s goals, but deciding on a long-term goal definitely requires perspective and self-awareness. It is important for us to understand that making that long-term goal is often an on-going process, and the answer emerges as our children take up the opportunities that they are offered. Therefore, we should allow them to take risks, and work on any opportunity that is offered to them – for it is through these efforts they will find our sense of purpose.
  • We are pleased to have invited two young gentlemen to speak to our students in our Little Professors Student Care on 19 November 2018 and share their own personal experiences and thoughts about how they explored and pursued their interest in their younger years, which helped shape their choice of careers. Do ask your children to pose them questions!
  • Our two guest speakers are:
  • Mr Benjamin Goh, 26
  • Currently pursuing Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme (PGDE), NIE.
  • Ex Juying Secondary School Teacher
  • 1st class honours, B. Sc. (Physics), NUS
  • NUS Global Merit Scholar
  • Represented Singapore in International Physics Olympiad and Asian Physics Olympiad
  • Lam Jun Wei, 26
  • Currently Member of Technical Staff, DSO Laboratories
  • Master of Engineering with double awards, Cornell University
  • B. Sc (Applied Engineering Physics) with Summa cum Laude and Top student award, Cornell University
  • Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA) Scholar
  • Represented Singapore in Asian Physics Olympiad
  • Lee Kuan Yew Maths and Science Award winner

2018 Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun IN-House Competition

2018-07-01: Congratulations to all the winners.

Global Art Open House at Yishun, Hougang and Bedok

2018-05-27: Global Art Yishun, Hougang and Bedok celebrated the Global Art Singapore 15th Anniversary on 25th, 26th and 27th May 2018 respectively.,

Global Art Teacher Training in Batam

2018-05-13: Global Art teachers joined Global Art Singapore HQ teachers for a training camp in Batam. The team also visited Global Art Batam centres.

Pilot CACS Memory Module

2018-03-21: We conducted the CACS (Changing Attitude Cultivating Skills) program during 2018 March School break.

Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun Facebook Competition

2018-02-01: Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun celebrated the commencement of the New Year with a Facebook Drawing and Colouring competition for the students.

2017 Global Art International Competition

2017-12-03: Our students from Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun flew the Singapore Flag high in the 2017 Global Art International Competition held in KL Malaysia.

2017 Singapore National Day Colouring Competition cum In-House Competition

2017-08-06: We organized an in-house competition among three outlets, Hougang, Bedok and Yishun, for our students, as well as members of the public at Hougang Mall’s atrium. It was a fun-filled event, with activities such as exclusive face painting for the participants and a lively performance by Seimpi Music School. We also arranged a charity art sale with Kampung Senang, selling beautiful original artworks created by our students and teachers. We had invited Mr Victor Lye, Grassroots Advisor of Aljunied GRC Grassroots Organization, Mr Tan Kee Yong, Managing Director of AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd, and Ms Joyce Lye, President and Founder of Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation to give speeches and present prizes to the winners.

2017 School Holiday

2017-07-23: School Holiday Activities

2017 Singapore National Colouring Competition

2017-07-06: We will be having the Singapore National Day Colouring Competition cum In-House Competition on 6 August 2017 in Hougang Mall. There will also be many fun activites including face painting, music performance by Seimpi Music and a charity sale showcasing original artwork done by our very own young artists! Proceeds from the sale will be donated to Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation. The closing date for registration is 23 July 2017. Register at our Hougang branch now!

Excursion to KidZania

2017-06-05: We took our students to KidZania for a full day of fun activities! There were various role-playing activities to help the children develop new skills and attitudes to be more creative, become more aware about social values and be more confident.

Chingay 2017

2017-02-01: Our Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun outlets were invited by Bedok Community Centre to create banners for the Chingay Parade. Our students and teachers at worked hard to make these fantastic banners!

2017 Chinese New Year Competition

2017-01-10: Global Art Bedok, Hougang and Yishun held a combined Chinese New Year competition on Facebook with 16 winners for Judges’ favourites and 16 winners for most popular awards. Here are the works from some of the winners.

Excursion to S.E.A Aquarium

2016-12-19: We took the students to the S.E.A Aquarium and the Pokemon Research Exhibition. It was a fun-filled day for everyone!

Global Art International Competition

2016-12-03: Some of our students qualified for the 2016 Global Art International Competition, held in Guangzhou, China. We are proud to announce that we have a 2nd Runner-Up in Group B and 3 3rd Runner-Ups in Groups A, C and D!

2016 National Art Competition

2016-09-25: We are extremely proud of all of our students. We have obtained 1 champion, 2 first runner-ups, 1 second runner-up and 9 third runner-ups. 83% of our participants have achieved fifth runner-up and above and all of our students obtained at least best performance awards!


On Parents' Maths Workshop - "Spot on! Mr. Lam covered exactly those that I have challenge trying to explain to my son. He has given me a better technique and step to solve the problem, ....."

Tan Wee Kiat (Tan Kong Zen's parent)

On Parents' Maths Workshop -Great workshop. Very useful workshop. I have learnt to appreciate the difficulty that my son faced and would be able to better support him in his learning. The time is tight but good coverage in terms of concept.

Ho Kuen Wei (Isaac Ho's parent)

Shanice joined LP student care when she was in P1. The teachers at the centre helped her to go through her school homework so that we need not have to rush through at night when we fetched her home. She made many friends and have many activities at the centre to engage her. The school holiday programmes and curriculum are holistic and interesting, giving our child a broad learning spectrum. Thank you.”

Mother of Shanice Yeo (P1 Student Care Class from CHIJ OL)

Little Professor serve students well in terms of support in learning as well as building their character towards a good direction. They help children grow in positive aspect and right conduct. Teachers are very trusted and reliable. It is good to recommend this centre to other parents for its value. Thank you so much!

Parent of Allyson (P1 Student Care Class and Tuition Class from CHIJ OLN)

Daryne has been in the centre since end P1. Through this year, she learned to be independent, more sociable and cooperative. Teacher has been very helpful and was able to identify her weakness in Chinese and social skill.

Mother of Daryne (P2 Student Care Class from CHIJ OLN) -

My Son, Darrel, has been with Little Professors @ Hougang for 2 years. He has been performing consistently well for Maths tuition under Mr Lam. Hopefully, he can achieve an A* for his P6 in 2015.

Grace, Mother of Darrel Ng Wei Jun (P5 Tuition Class from Holy Innocents)

We would like to thank all the teachers in Little Professor for creating such a good learning environment for Andrea so that she can excel in her studies. Cheers!

Parent of Andrea Sng (P2 Student Care Class from CHIJ OLN)

We have sent our child for his tuition since Primary 3. He has made noticeable improvement over the years in English and Math. The teachers here are responsible and committed in what they are doing. Keep up the good job!

Parent of Tan Kong Zen (P6 Tuition Class from Maris Stella)

Since my daughter joined Little Professors, I had seen a huge improvement in her exams. We will continue to support Little Professors.

Parent of Kinki Ong Kee Xuan (P6 Tuition Class from Pei Chun)

Sohayl has developed a strong interest in Maths thanks to the patience and fun lessons conducted by teacher Elliot!

Parent of Sohayl Esrar (P1 Tuition Class)

Little Professors has a very safe and good environment for young kids to learn. Teachers are friendly and patient. My daughter has improved much in her English after joining only for a year. Thank you to our teachers who have provide guidance to her!

Parent of Gaby Tan (P4 Tuition Class)

Lydia and Lynn are always looking forward to attend the Art lessons taught by Mdm Lum. They have improved in their appreciation of art. Now, they can colour very well. It has helped them in their art lessons in school as well. They have come to love Mdm Lum as their Art teacher. Both Lydia and Lynn have won many external competitions. 1) Paya Lebar Kovan CC - Lynn got First in group A and Lydia got Second in Group B. 2) Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council Calendar 2014 - Lynn got Merit. 3) Punggol CC Children's Day competition - Lynn got Third. 4) Lynn's logo design for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) logo design competition has been selected as one of the Top 10 designs in Singapore for her age category.

Ms Quek Yong Yong, parent of Lydia and Lynn Tan

We chose this centre as we heard good reviews and it is near our house. The atmosphere is conducive for kids.

S.Suppiah, parent of Keertan

We were referred to join Global Art Hougang. The atmosphere is friendly and nice. The teachers are friendly and can handle the kids well. Good rapport

Jasmine Lim, parent of Gabriel Chua

Global Art Hougang is convenient for us. The teachers are friendly.

Jessica Oh, parent of Diane Sim

Global Art Hougang has a relax and friendly atmosphere.

Dennis Lee, parent of Isabel Lee

We chose Global Art Hougang as it is nearby and has good reputation. Besides, Shi Qi likes to learn drawing very much. The children learn a lot even during the first few sessions

Amy Yap, parent of Sam Shi Qi

Little Professors not only care for children’s school results, but also encourage them to develop good conduct. By having more hands-on activities, they encourage the children to learn as they play and enjoy. A centre that I will recommend to my friends, which I do. So next year my younger child will also join this ‘family’.

Parent of Lim Kai Wee (P4 Student Care Class from Punggol Primary)

On Parents' Maths Workshop -After attending this workshop, I have a better understanding of the topics covered in Maths. I will try to guide my daughter at home. In fact it is not easy for myself to solve the Maths problem sum as it is very different from my time time and its much harder than I expect. However, it is very fruitful (for me) to attend the workshop. Thank you Mr Lam.

Elina Hng (parent of Naomi Tan)

On Parents' Maths Workshop - The methods taught are definitely new to parents and after the workshop, we will be better able to guide our children....

Lim Siew Lian (Parent of Julian Lim)

On Parents' Maths Workshop - Very informative & detailed (intensive).

Stanley Kweh (Parent of Joie Kweh)

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