Little Professors Hougang Student Care Services

At Little Professors Hougang Student Care, we believe in preparing your child for life. We want to develop in your child the socio-emotional, intellectual and creative thinking skills needed to do well when they grow up. We want your children to be pioneers, thinkers and humanitarians.

We develop these skills by exposing your child to ideas, developing your child's character, and bringing out the best in your child academically, through a safe and supportive environment.

Student Care Philosophy

The Learning Experience

Every child in Little Professors Hougang will get a learning experience in line with our philosophy of developing ideas, character and academics through a supportive environment.



We have an up-to-date range of mind stimulating books like National Geographic Kids®, Reader's Digest® and Discovery BOX®.

Educational Games
Educational Games

We stock the best-selling miniLUK Brain Challenger® series, a game that trains math through counting money, and many more. Your child can even construct his or her own vocabulary games here!

Holiday Programmes
Holiday Programmes

Everything from poetry to chinese chess to sudoku to fun science experiments! Did we mention fun and informative excursions?


Well Behaved Students
Well Behaved Students

Our students are polite and well-behaved. We want our students to be themselves and speak freely, but we have a zero-tolerance stand against offensive language.

Behaviour Incentive System
Behaviour Incentive System

Your child will be awarded regularly for good behaviour and performance. This system spurs your child on to excel and behave in a responsible manner.

Civics and Moral Education
Civics and Moral Education

We hold CME lessons for your child to instill sound ethics, and promote a positive attitude. These CME lessons are conducted interactively (eg. through role-play) to engage the children.


Qualified Teachers
Qualified Teachers

Our student care teachers are very well-qualified. Several are university graduates. All of our student care teachers hold at least a polytechnic diploma or GCE 'A' Level Certificate.

In-house Tuition
In-house Tuition

Your child will be grouped with other children of the same level and given tuition after completing his or her homework. The quality of in-house tuition is assured by the quality of our teachers.


Our model has improved the school results of almost all our students. We don't expect you to believe us by giving you only a few of such examples. Visit us for more details!


Clean Environment
Clean Environment

We maintain a clean and dry environment. We do not use carpets as they absorb moisture on rainy days, causing a stench.

Cleverly Designed Classrooms
Cleverly Designed Classrooms

Our classrooms are connected by sliding doors so that our teachers can easily communicate and leverage on each other's strengths when teaching your child, while maintaining classroom discipline. The classrooms are also painted blue to improve concentration.

Convenient Location
Convenient Location

We are located just opposite Hougang Mall and Punggol CC. It takes just 3 minutes to walk over from Hougang MRT! We are also accessible via buses 27, 62, 80, 82, 87, 89, 113, 161 and 325.

We aim to be the best student care centre in Hougang, with an abundance of perks and services that you can already find on our "Our Programme" panel. However, if you are still doubtful of us, the following FAQ might shed some light.

Student Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the latest new initiative that the centre has introduced?
  2. Can you elaborate what is C.A.C.S. Development Program?
  3. What does C.A.C.S. Development program cover?
  4. How effective is the C.A.C.S. program?
  5. What differentiates Little Professors Hougang from other Student Care (SC) centres in Hougang, Sengkang or Punggol?
  6. What else do you do?
  7. Ill discipline is one of the greatest challenges of other student care centres. Do we have these issues, and how do we manage them?
  8. What is the profile of your students and are most of them from a particular school?
  9. What is our student care schedule during school holidays? Do we have special holiday programmes?

Question 1

What is the latest new initiative that the centre has introduced?

Answer 1

We have launched a new program C.A.C.S. Development Program. C.A.C.S. stands for Changing Attitudes, Cultivating Skills. Being in the student care and art school business for almost a decade, Lam Learning Hub is constantly looking into improving and enhancing a student’s method of learning and making it more meaningful. After an extensive period of research targeting at bringing higher purpose to the student’s learning curriculum, We have initiated a series of comprehensive child development programs that will greatly enhance the creative and innovative nature of the individual student.

Question 2

Can you elaborate what is C.A.C.S. Development Program?

Answer 2

With the current academic curriculum of our students, emphasis has always been in mastering the subjects taught in schools to attain the much-desired academic grades. Most has turned to tuition centres to enhance the learning curve and this has been the normal life of the Singapore student. With the thought of elevating this learning curve to an interesting and refreshing level, we have crystalized a series of programs, distilled in time and wisdom, to act as a catalyst to create a self-fuelling attitude to learning and improving that will withstand the test of time and circumstances. It’s our belief to put into practice, realistic and unpretentious concepts that are simple yet enduring. Elements that are crucial for sustaining success in every endeavour the student embarks on.

Question 3

What does C.A.C.S. Development program cover?

Answer 3

The development program covers memory skills, mind mapping, brain enhancement, creativity, speed learning, focus, concentration & habits forming. Some of the techniques covered include (1) Memory techniques used in Roman times to those used by World Memory Championship participants. (2) Special Colour Techniques for brain enhancement. (3) Neurobic Exercises also for right brain training.

Question 4

How effective is the C.A.C.S. program?

Answer 4

A customised memory module of the program was conducted as a pilot run to about 40 students of Little Professors @ Hougang Student Care Centre at the 2018 March school break. The students represented the full spectrum of the age range of the program. The result of the pilot was very promising, from an initial pre-pilot memory assessment result of 11% (of students with all correct answers) to a final day assessment result of 58%, an increment of 47% in just 2 days of learning the memory techniques.

Question 5

What differentiates Little Professors Hougang from other Student Care (SC) centres in Hougang, Sengkang or Punggol?

Answer 5

It is inappropriate for us to comment on other centres. However, we take pride in what we do well. We believe that a good student care centre must have core values of investment, commitment and customer orientation, and that is what we commit ourselves to. Different student care centres have different priorities and focus. For us, we look at two areas to add value to our customers. The first is to ensure that students complete their homework and are prepared for spelling or school tests. Hence, they can spend quality time with parents when they reach home. We understand that not all student care centres will do this either because of set rules or because of the qualifications of the teachers. The second is the introduction of C.A.C.S to impart learning skills to students and to improve their learning attitudes.

Question 6

What else do you do?

Answer 6

We made the appropriate investment on our premises at the beginning when we took over the place. As we are located in a CD shelter at the basement of a HDB block, we ensured that we had a bright, clean, safe and well ventilated environment. We also ensure that we hire good teachers who are able to teach the levels that they are assigned and majority of our teachers are graduates. More importantly, all of them have tutoring experience. We also only select teachers who are passionate about teaching and who love children. This is a continuous commitment on our part. We provide coaching for new teachers. Besides, we also provide very good teaching resources for the teachers to do their jobs well. We are also committed to help all our children to improve both academically and morally regardless of their family background or learning ability. The introduction of the C.A.C.S. program is one example of our continuing effort in uplifting our standards. Lastly, we take parents’ feedback seriously and we address their concerns through innovative solutions.

Question 7

Ill discipline is one of the greatest challenges of other student care centres. Do we have these issues, and how do we manage them?

Answer 7

We adopt a zero tolerance level for ill discipline. We are indeed as concerned as the parents to ensure that our younger kids are not affected by bad behaviors of the older kids. Fortunately, as we built our student base from zero, we did not have to deal with any legacy issue. We would not hesitate to terminate any student who continues to defy teachers’ instructions.

Question 8

What is the profile of your students and are most of them from a particular school?

Answer 8

SCs tend to be very localized in terms of student attraction. This is however not the case for us. Take for example our 2018 batch of P1 students, half of them are not residents of Hougang, with 21% from Sengkang and a further 14% from as far as Punggol, with the remaining from Serangoon and Potong Pasir. Our ability to draw students from Sengkang, Punggol, Serangoon and Potong Pasir reflects parents’ confidence in our programmes and the management capability of the Centre.
In our latest figures as at 2018 July, our student care students are spread over 15 schools, with a large number from CHIJ-OLN (Our Lady of the Nativity). The rest are spread throughout schools in Hougang, Sengkang and Punggol, e.g. Palm View, Punggol Primary School, Holy Innocent Primary School, Xin Min Primary, Anchor Green, Mee Toh School, Fernvale, Hougang Primary and St. Nicholas, etc.

Question 9

What is our student care schedule during school holidays? Do we have special holiday programmes?

Answer 9

If you take into account the 12 weeks of school holidays throughout the year, the students actually spend more time in the SC Centre than in their school on a whole year basis. We certainly do not believe in asking the kids to do assessment work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during these periods. Hence, we design our holiday programmes with a balanced curriculum combining some serious work with educational games and play. Our games are specially planned to address the academic needs of our children at that particular time. The quality of our teachers ensures that our programmes are well planned and executed. For example Abridged versions of the C.A.C.S. program in memory skills and mind mapping are conducted during the March 2018 and June 2018 school holidays respectively for all the kids. Besides, we also engage external vendors to conduct education program during school holiday.

We provide Before School Care for students attending school in the afternoon and After School Care for those attending school in the morning.

Before School Care

Time Activity Description
0700-0900 Arrival / Breakfast / Reading Children will have their breakfast upon arrival.
0900-1130 Homework / In-house Tuition Children will complete their homework first, after which in-house tuition and additional assessment will be given.
1130-1200 Lunch Time to rest and eat!
After 1200 Depart for school Time to go to school!

After School Care

Time Activity Description
1315-1415 Arrival / Lunch Children will have their breakfast upon arrival.
1415-1600 Homework / Rest & Relax Children will complete their homework first, and get to rest after they are done.
1600-1630 Tea Break Time to rest and eat!
1630-1800 In-house Tuition Children are grouped into respective levels and given in-house tuition and additional assessments.
1800-1830 Educational Play / Television Board Games, Free Play, Reading
After 1830 Depart for Home Home Sweet Home

Student Care Updates

June 2019 School Holiday Excursion

0bddf057-1904-4e60-b0ae-3eb86645ddf1_original 2019-06-30: Pastamania

June School holiday excursions

5d9db461-151f-4669-bfa3-e870b3046e08_original 2019-06-30: Having a good break during school holiday is very important. For this June, we brought our students to 3 different places. First they learnt to be little chefs in Pastamania. Then they went outdoor to enjoy nature in River Safari. Finally they learn to role play different occupations in Kidzania Sentosa. Photo taken at River Safari.

June School holiday excursions

7c4c8a02-c3ac-4ef1-a3e0-ab9d866f5137_original 2019-06-30: Kidzania

Goal setting for Children by two scholars

Nature-3232241_960_720_original 2018-11-19:
  • As the economy becomes ever more competitive, we are constantly told that it is important for our children to set their goals while they are studying. This is intended to help the students prioritise and effectively work towards the goals they have set. The question then becomes, “How should they decide on their goals?” There are no exact steps to deciding on our children’s goals, but deciding on a long-term goal definitely requires perspective and self-awareness. It is important for us to understand that making that long-term goal is often an on-going process, and the answer emerges as our children take up the opportunities that they are offered. Therefore, we should allow them to take risks, and work on any opportunity that is offered to them – for it is through these efforts they will find our sense of purpose.
  • We are pleased to have invited two young gentlemen to speak to our students in our Little Professors Student Care on 19 November 2018 and share their own personal experiences and thoughts about how they explored and pursued their interest in their younger years, which helped shape their choice of careers. Do ask your children to pose them questions!
  • Our two guest speakers are:
  • Mr Benjamin Goh, 26
  • Currently pursuing Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme (PGDE), NIE.
  • Ex Juying Secondary School Teacher
  • 1st class honours, B. Sc. (Physics), NUS
  • NUS Global Merit Scholar
  • Represented Singapore in International Physics Olympiad and Asian Physics Olympiad
  • Lam Jun Wei, 26
  • Currently Member of Technical Staff, DSO Laboratories
  • Master of Engineering with double awards, Cornell University
  • B. Sc (Applied Engineering Physics) with Summa cum Laude and Top student award, Cornell University
  • Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA) Scholar
  • Represented Singapore in Asian Physics Olympiad
  • Lee Kuan Yew Maths and Science Award winner

CACS Pilot Run

Whatsapp_image_2018-03-14_at_4.07.49_pm_original 2018-03-23: We conducted pilot run for CACS Memory Module.

2017 June School Holiday Student Care Activities

Img-20170315-wa0018_original 2017-07-01: Students showcasing their talent.

Excursion to KidZania

15585309_10154090838962374_8309309879778730661_o_original 2017-06-05: A fun-filled day in KidZania.

2016 Student Care School Holiday Activities

Img-20160624-wa0008_original 2016-12-31: School Holiday Activities

Christmas Celebration

Img-20161201-wa0010_original 2015-12-24: Students having fun

June Holiday Chinese Idioms

Chinese_slides_original 2015-05-26: Learn Chinese idioms in a fun way and ace your composition. Visit our Enrichment Courses page for more details.

2015 June Holiday Programmes

077a_original 2015-05-26: Once again, we have lined up a range of school holiday programmes for your child. If you would like a full range of activities, our student care holiday package will suit you best. At $125 for a whole week of five half days, this give you the best value. If your child likes art and craft, our Global Art Programme will suit you best. If you are looking for short courses, our enrichment courses in community clubs will surely appeal to you.

Teachers' Training

996115_10152693241762374_4894274602317920845_n_original 2015-03-09: Our staff had undergone training to upgrade their skills, as part of the Centre's commitment to improve the quality of service that we offer.

2014 Awarding Ceremony

Sam_1666_original 2014-11-29: We held our 2014 Awarding Ceremony on 29 Nov. For this year, our students performed very well both individually and collectively. One of our students top the whole level in her school and another one top a subject for her school. 7 students were given Model Student Award, an award that is given only to students who performed exceptionally well academically as well as display good character. As a group, our primary 2 student care class did really well with 35% scoring 90 marks and above and 65% scored Band 1.

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